It Takes a Long Time

If you have come to this website new to the conversation, bear in mind that for most this re-consideration takes a long time.

Tradition, religion, culture – all of this is deeply ingrained, and it is very important to take this process seriously and slowly. Most people I've talked to from an evangelical Christian background, who have changed their minds, take around 5 years to wrestle with their theology and the Scriptures around gay marriage.

My personal journey was shorter due to a circumstances of both intensity and vast amounts of time I allocated to studying on this subject and others. Which most are practically unable to do. So, if you read this and you're still very skeptical but intrigued, that's just fine. God works on his own pace.

And not everyone will. Tony Campolo is a good example, firmly Side B for years even while his wife takes Side A. That's ok, if you can help us all make sure that our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters experience the love we say we have for them, even if disagreeing. And we can only know if they experience that by living with them, loving them, and listening to them. And believing their sincerity and heart in what we hear.