A PC(USA) Perspective

One of the blogs I've followed recently had an update about same-sex marriage from a Presbyterian Church (USA) perspective. I thought it was worth sharing here.

The author, a PC(USA) pastor, addresses the following "Common Arguments Against LGBTQ Rights and Inclusion", in brief form:

  • “Homosexuality is an abomination”
  • “Homosexuality is the ‘sin of Sodom,’ or is ‘sodomy’”
  • “Same-sex marriage is just like, or will lead to acceptance of, pedophilia and/or bestiality”
  • “Homosexuality is just like, or will lead to acceptance of, incest and/or polyamory”
  • “Homosexuality is unnatural”
  • “Homosexuality is dangerous and/or unhealthy”
  • “Homosexuality is a choice”
  • “Sexual orientation can be changed, specifically with ‘reparative’ therapy”
  • “Same-sex marriage damages society and/or traditional marriage”
  • “Paul condemned homosexuality”
  • “Blessing same-sex relationships makes it harder to work with churches in the rest of the world”
  • “The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin”

Since I chose to focus so closely on just the Scriptural arguments against gay marriage, I didn't cover many of the topics above. If you read my essay and thought to yourself, "well, what about X" from the list above, you may find the linked post helpful.

"TL;DR: homosexuality is not an abomination, and is not Sodomy nor the ‘sin of Sodom'; it is nothing like pedophilia, bestiality, incest or polyamory; homosexuality is natural, safe, healthy; sexual orientation is not a choice, cannot be forcibly changed, does no damage to society or traditional marriage; Paul did not condemn homosexuality, the Bible does not call it a sin; allowing same-sex marriage might make it harder to work with other churches and organizations, but so do a lot of things that are right."