A Calling for Inclusion

We've covered the primary texts that are often understood to be against homosexuality. Though I don't believe we can be absolutely convinced that contemporary translations and interpretations of these verses are wrong, at the same time it's hard to be sure they're right.

Yet I don't think we have to stop here. I would like to make the case that a careful reading of Scripture could actually compel us to affirm our LGBT kindred in both faith and in covenanted relationships. Interested? Skeptical? Nothing else to do today? Read on.


  • Eunuch in Acts: He is explicitly excluded from worshipping God as someone who is not sexually "normal" or capable of procreation. He is reading from Isaiah about sheep who are not whole. Yet Phillip unhesitatingly leads him to baptism.
  • Galatians: No man or woman in Christ.
  • Jesus: We will not marry in heaven.